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Welcome to Üdenürth, a world turned inside out by thousands of years of war. It has been æons since Sol was cut off, and Spéirhiminn wrapped its shadowy grip around the planet and cut off God Lovers Sol and Tenibris and their influence on the mortals who live on the surface. In Üdenürth there is no day, and there is no night. There is only the dull blue glow of massive “power plants”, called The Raijū, and the star-like twinkle of the Nóttljósin. The Raijū span the globe, crackling with blue electricity.

Humans, elves and dwarves are an endangered species. The vast majority are held as indentured servants, or as slaves to the rich. The Vesenerljós have fled the major urban areas. The denizens of The Verdenótt, the subterranean areas where Skrímslinótt have dwelt for a millennia, have been coming up to the surface, their eyes suited to what is now a global darkness. The Skrímslinótt are beginning to reclaim those ancient Skyscrapers built by the once mighty alliance of races, The Mihi Magna.

It is a world full of forgotten technologies, hidden by time, and a world of Magic too powerful to control – Delve into a post-apocalypse several hundred years in the making – The Great Eras of Üdenürth have a rich tapestry of love, betrayal and victory – but what lies ahead for the future of this ill-fated world?