Chrome Gearbolt

quick, eccentric, excitable and passionate.


the diminutive gnome named Chrome is extremely passionate about gadgets. Excitedly talking for hours on end about her many MANY half-repaired relics from Jörðljós. Adorned with tools, she can be heard jingling around as she rushes to work on repairing things for the citizens of Bhaka Beyond. Always disheveled, with grease, soot, or dirt on her face, but with her radiant smile it’s hard to notice.


Chrome has been in the service of slavers for almost as long as she can remember. She still maintains her natural exuberance, and is young for a Gnome. She owes her freedom to Gresson, and won’t ever forget that. Being skilled mechanically, she’s been able to slowly comb The Wastes for old scraps of tech. They’ve been able to cobble together one working vehicle, but the work is slow going. Their hope is to create a truck to increase trade with Zentro City. Bhaka Beyond avoids all contact with Fleshwerks, the larger settlement created by those thrown out of Bhaka Beyond, and hub of the slave trade in The Wastes.

Chrome Gearbolt

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