an ancient relic from the past


rusted and cobbled together machine of war from an ancient era. With a mind full of a jumble of pop-culture references from a bygone time.


Discovered by Chome Gearbolt, CL4-KR was her prized possession and she dreamed of re-activating him. When Mr. Christmas arrived at her shop with a communication device to be repaired, he had an ancient malfunctioning power-source to trade for her services.

She was able to use it to bring CL4-KR back online. Being confused by his seeming sentience she quickly realized he was no tool, but a living robot. She decided, since slavery is illegal in Bhaka Beyond, that she had to let him decide his own future.

CL4-KR needed further repair on his legs, and Jinx knew that the feywood would be perfect to create new joints, since metal was so hard to come by.


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