a sassy changeling carpenter from Bhaka Beyond, who's insults are as sharp as a warriors blade.


Jinx is a gender-fluid changeling who often appears flamboyantly dressed with their prized Chiffon scarf and bright colors.


Jinx lives and works as a carpenter in Bhaka Beyond. During a routine supply sweep, the ranging party from Bhaka Beyond found Jinx in a destroyed Zaibatsu vehicle. After being released from the cramped storage box Jinx carved a niche as a carpenter. Because of Jinx’s ability to commune with The Fey energy, s/he knows of a place to find Fey infused fossilized wood. Similar in material to Carbon Fiber it is very helpful.

Jinx’s acerbic and irreverent wit bring levity to a bleak world, and is able to back up the talk with powerful magic.


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