Rex Thunderstark

two-bladed all-black badass


Dry wit wasteland warrior of few words. His duel long-swords cut down any injustice he finds.


Rex stumbled into Bhaka Beyond a veritable “tabula rasa”. His strong sense of justice and skill with his blades intact, he agreed to help Gressen on the promise of fighting evil.

Rex, known to many as a force to be reckoned with wandered The Wastes trying to bring order to a lawless desolate land. During his traveled he encountered Fleshwerks. It’s vile nature required Rex to take action. After storming the fortress and slaying scores of enemies, he finally faced their leader, Lord Yezeven. Being unable to defeat him, Yezeven took him as his prisoner. Yezeven took special delight in spending months to break his mind with physical and psionic torture. Believing he was finally broken, Yezeven slipped up and Rex was able to escape.

Rex, with his mind and body destroyed, was found by Gressen.

Rex Thunderstark

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