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  • The Age of Sol and Tenibris

    In the Ancient time, millions of years ago 2 deities shared in the creation of Üdenürth. [[Sol | Sol]] created The [[Vesenerljós | Vesenerljós.]] in the [[Utero Incus | Utero Incus]]. The Children of the Light dwelt in [[Jörðljós | Jörðljós]], or “Earth …

  • The Age of the Demi-Gods

    The Age of the Demi-Gods Rahganel, Ahrundel and Treahlun At this time, [[Üdenürth | Udenurth's]] Surface was ruled by 3 Great Leaders, whom through full integration with The [[Raijū | Raiju]] attained demigod-like powers. They were Rahganel, the …

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