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  • Raijū

    A large grid of technologically advanced "hubs" that span the entirety of Üdenürth. They crackle with blue electricity, and their light illuminate the permanent night sky. It is believed they were built by The most Ancient of Ancients in pre-history. …

  • Verdenótt

    [Ver-din-nyo-t] "The Night Earth", the subterranean areas where [[Skrímslinótt]] have dwelt for a millenia. RP note: Anything that comes from The Underdark in the Monster Manual can be considered Verdenótt.

  • Vesenerljós

    [Vee-see-ner-L’yos] "The Beings of the Light", those creatures whose ancestry is traced to those dwelt in [[Jörðljós]], and were blessed by [[Sol]]. As creations of Sol, they have an innate love of freedom and self-actualization.

  • Jörðljós

    [Yee-Ord-L'Yos] Existing in the the early part of [[The Age of Sol and Tenibris | The Age of Sol and Tenibris]] The ancient and fabled "Earth of Light", where The [[Vesenerljós]] dwelt long before The [[Raijū ]] were created, and before The [[Spéirhiminn …

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