Üdenürth was once a highly advanced planet with a global Government and advanced technology. Ancient war machines have caused Üdenürth to be in a constant state of night. Fallout from this cataclysm has left the land dead. Large salt flats cover the land, the former oceans dried up. Üdenürth is arid, dry, a massive dessert. Life is sparse, but exists to those with a keen eye.

Husks of the once technologically advanced people are scattered, covered by the shifting sands. Many can make their fortunes on one truly lucky discovery. Many spend their lives in the attempt to find such, Relic Hunters. Many Relic Hunters carve out a meager living trading their finds with different settlements. Junktioneers are those who are able to do rudimentary repairs from with the Eoliths find.

Bands of nomadic tribes travel the salt flats tracking moisture, hunting, and trading. Because they are constantly moving, they don’t have the means to fuel engines. They use the wind and sails mounted to custom vehicles, Sand Skimmers. They range from single-person to large ships of up to 10 people. Also, there are many Sand Pirates who rove the salt flats and trade routes in Sand Skimmers. Because of this, most are fearful of Sand Nomads.

Vegetation is sparse, mostly new growth from the past few hundred years as the millennium old radiation from the ancient war machines begin to fade. From the initial cataclysm many kinds of Trees exist, Myrkvithra. They are a kind of fossilised tree, while seemingly dead, still cling to life. Myrkvithra line old dried bodies of water, and many roads are cut thru Mykvitha Forests.

A few major outposts exist in Üdenürth – the largest being the massive Zentro City controlled by the The Zaibatsu – a massive city, the center being aglow with advanced technology only accessible by those of The Zaibatsu, with outer rings of patch-work technologies, and outer rings more primitive with some gas lights.

Bhaka Beyond is the last known stronghold of The Dwarves, run by Gresson Hersstlav. It holds just under a thousand people, mostly dwarves, but are open to letting in refugees, as long as they uphold Gressons’ law.

Most notorious of the outposts in Üdenürth is simply known as Fleshwerks. Very few who have seen it lived, or retained their sanity long enough to tell what it’s like. But it is known that a being who calls itself Lord Yezeven controls it – and the minds of all who dwell there.

Many religions are followed in Üdenürth. See “Religions of Üdenürth” for more.

But, Tenibris, found a way to use The Raijū against Sol and subtly influence the minds of the Vesenerljós. Because of this ancient war the sky has been blotted out leaving Üdenürth in darkness. A grid of Satellites with advanced A.I. called The Nóttljósin guard the sky destroying advanced weaponry.

Across Üdenürth are the Raijū, causing Üdenürth to have a blue glow in the night sky.

Üdenürth is broken up into three “Ages”

The Age of Sol and Tenibris

The Age of the Demi-Gods

The Age of the Spéirhiminn, the age in which our story exists.


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