Bhaka Beyond

Bhaka Beyond is one of the few known locations outside of Zentro City. A remote outpost, it’s regular trade with The City makes it an important hub. The Zaibatsu would rather it not exist, because it’s too far for them to fully control, and because of it’s leader, the Dwarven surface dweller, Gresson Hersstlav.

Bhaka Beyond is inhabited by Light-Dwellers. A rarity in all of Udenurth, it does mark Bhaka Beyond as untrustworthy by most. Many who have fled Zentro City or who have had their UrbanPass revoked by The Zaibatsu have found a home here – as non-judgmental as can be found in The Wastes.

Gresson Hersstlav discovered this old Military Bunker a hundred years ago, while fleeing his ancestral homeland 100 years ago.

A trade route is being established, but with little regulations along that route, constant raids make real economic prosperity difficult.

Bhaka Beyond

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