The God of light, creation, and curiosity. Sol discovered the Utero Incus where he created the Vesenerljós. Sol wanted to create a creature that could someday surpass even his own God-Like power. Sol felt that he was at the pinnacle of his understanding of existence, but there was more yet to comprehend.

Sol felt the only way that knowledge could be attained was not by himself, but by creating sentience who could make themselves better. He imbued them with a power he had only discovered by couldn’t manipulate – Vesenerljos came to call this their souls. Sol knew he would never fully understand this power. But hoped in time his creations would grow to understand and master it.

Sol’s legendary tragic love for Tenibris still inspires many, despite his presence no longer shining down on mortals. His is a story that endures, and thus is still felt.

The Solar deity, who once shined favor on The Jörðljós, until The Spéirhiminn came and cut off his light.

The only deity still actively worshiped by The Vesenerljós. Worship is forbidden in Zentro City

Despite being reduced to a tiny spec of his once omnipotent God-Hood at the hands of the Mihi Magna, it only increased his joy in knowing his creation would go on to complete his work.

Even though Sol’s influence is mostly gone, he is still worshipped by the free-willed. Artists who want to create. Musicians who draw power from song. Adventurers who hope to discover new things. Priests who seek to better themselves through introspection and meditation. Those who feel their enlightenment comes from within, instead of without follow Sol.

Religions of Üdenürth


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