The Lunar God, Tenibris represents intellect, self-preservation and the acquisition of knowledge. He’s also seen as a representation of passionate love, as he took drastic actions against Mortals to preserve Sol, his lover’s, life.

He created The Skrímslinótt after seeing Sol discover the Utero Incus. The Skrímslinótt dwelt in the vast subterranean world, Verdenótt.

Sol and Tenibris argued over the purpose of their creations. Tenibris saw the Skrímslinótt as tools to expand his own reasoning and cognitive abilities and attain his ultimate goal – the perfect understanding of existence and the universe. When the Jörðljós used the Raijū it drew upon Sol’s aspect of the Vitae Essentia. While Sol found this to be the realization of his ultimate goal for the his creation, Tenibris was enraged by the loss of his lovers power.

This led him to create The Vox Eternum. This device allowed over the mortals to prevent them from using the Raiju. eventually to the creation of Nætr-Elding, who in turn created The Drow and Magicis.

After The Age of the Demi-Gods the Mihi Magna were able to overcome Tenibris’ influence by creating the Spéirhiminn. With his last power he used The Vox Eternum to force Silvestra to give birth to Nætr-Elding. Using the last of his power, it finally brought about the Excidium Dei and brought about the Tusen år Krig.

Tenibris is worshiped by those who wish to acquire knowledge and to seek out the true meaning of existence. Scholars, engineers, and historians tend to be his followers. While Tenibris’ actions might at first appear to be “evil”, his followers preach that his love of Sol is what pushed him to make those actions. This love is viewed as noble by his followers, and seen as misguided but not “evil” by the general populace.

Religions of Üdenürth


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