The Age of Sol and Tenibris

In the Ancient time, millions of years ago 2 deities shared in the creation of Üdenürth. Sol created The Vesenerljós. in the Utero Incus. The Children of the Light dwelt in Jörðljós, or “Earth of Light”. Tenibris, inspired by Sol, created The Skrímslinótt. The Disciples of Night dwelt in the vast subterranean world, Verdenótt, the “Earth of Night”.

Over time, the passion of the lovers and Gods Sol and Tenibris began to intensify. Sol had been weening the Vesenerljós off of his influence, as he desired them to stand on their own. Distracted by the romance, Tenibris ignored the prayers of the Skrímslinótt – whom he always viewed as tools, not autonomous creatures.

Tenibris had spent aeons forcing the Skrímslinótt to war with the Vesenerljós for his approval. But now that Sol had fallen in love with Tenibris, he had no need of the distractions any longer.

Sol and Tenibris enjoyed their seemingly timeless romance, but even for deities, nothing lasts forever.

The Age of Sol and Tenibris

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