Damian Silvermane

Elven leader of the Magic Users District.


bookish, curt, and secretive. Gaunt and pale with ill-fitting glasses with fine clothing. Almost never seen in town. Rarely leaves save to meet with Gressen.


There is a small band of Magic Users, called Order of the Blood, run by the High Elf Damian Silvermane. Damian was allowed to set up his magic research tower as long as he could provide magical defense to Bhaka Beyond. Only a handful of people, they are fiercely secretive. Because the ability to wield magic is so rare, anything related to magic is highly sought after by them. Having arrived many years after the foundation of Bhaka Beyond, Gresson saw their magical abilities as a way to help fortify. Allowed relative autonomy, the Elfish group seem ill-suited to The Eternal Darkness. They crave the forests they once lost so many years ago. Their part of Bhaka Beyond is tower that no one enters without Damian’s express permission.

Damian Silvermane

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