Gresson Hersstlav

If there was any law in Üdenürth, he'd be the one to keep it


A gruff Dwarf, one eye missing with a massive scar across it. Armour is made from old road signs, rubber tires and whatever else he could expertly craft into a patch-work but effective suit of armor. Pragmatic, gruff but fair. Gressen does what must be done to protect his people and maintain Bhaka Beyond.


Gresson Hersstlav, leader of the last remaining Dwarves took his people from the Mountains, now over-run with Skrímslinótt. Being constantly hunted during their escape, almost all of his people perished before finding the old ruins of an ancient stronghold. It was inhabited by slavers, traders and other outcasts and outlaws. Gresson and his Dwarf kin took the bunker with their skilled fighting prowess.

By sending out ranging parties, he’s been able to find those with the skills and resources to transform a forgotten outpost into a stronghold.

Gresson keeps the law, and those who were willing to heed his word were allowed to stay. Primary among Gresson’s laws was the abolishment of slavery. Those who fled went on to join FleshWerks, an ever-growing den of slavery and abhorrent activity that would chill even the most hardened of warriors.

Gresson Hersstlav

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