Kwarsyn D'Sorin

Head of the Drow Zaibatsu, lives atop Zentro Tower


Short white hair neatly slicked back, never a strain out of place. Kwarsyn is never seen without his trademark Modern Style suit of the highest quality material. Almost always all black. Taller than most, with poise and grace. His gaze holds an intensity, and his reputation is that of bringing about utter compliance to his will. No one who has told him “no” has lived to tell of his brutality.


Immaculately dressed in an all black suit. Sophisticated, cunning, and surprisingly charming. Controls the Drow Zaibatsu from the Penthouse of the Zentro Tower. Kwarsyn desires the secrets of the Raiju. To unlock the Ancient Tech so that he can spread his influence across Udenurth.

Kwarsyn D'Sorin

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