Lord Yezeven

oppressive ruler of Fleshwerks, cold, cruel, devoid of empathy.


Lord Yezeven rules Fleshwerks, a city of his own creation. White, almost translucent skin showing glowing purple blood pumping thru his veins. The tentacles on his face seem to have been melted, dripping slime with skin sloughing off as they move.

Some cybernetic parts protrude from his skin with open wounds around them. His eyes, lidless, glow white with metal vice grips pulling the skin back preventing them from being covered as lubricating ooze continually drips from them, giving the appearance of continually weeping. Every part of him would cause anyone else pure agony at all times. If he feels it, his emotionless face doesn’t show it.

Where Lord Yezeven came from is a mystery. All that is known from the few who’ve been able to escape Fleshworks with their mind even partially intact. Fleshwerks was a small settlement built off of a malfunctioning Raijū. When he arrived, slowly people began to go mad. He dominated the minds of all who dwell there. His mental control is absolute, and Fleshwerks exists as his own personal hive-mind.

He works tirelessly, never resting. What he works on so intensely has yet to be discovered.

Lord Yezeven

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