Fleshwerks is an isolated settlement in the Wastes. It started out as a small settlement from some Vesenerljós trying to escape the slaughter early on. Seemingly from nowhere, a creature emerged, and walk into their midst. His name was Lord Yezeven. All who saw him recoiled in horror, trying to escape. People were trampled, and many died before he could capture them.

Those he was able to dominate with his mental powers were used to round up escapees. Once in his grasp, there were none he could not psionically eviscerate.

Fleshwerks is Lord Yezeven’s personal laboratory and playground. His mind-slaves comb The Wastes looking for new live subjects for him to add to his hive-mind.

Inside it’s walls are living beings flayed open, non-feeling, all people act in unison. No one speaks, but when he speaks it’s thru the voice of all in Fleshwerks. After he took over and grew his power, Yezeven has been able to mutate his subjects into more and more intricate “Flesh Art” to decorate his city.


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